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Cyberspace on Caffeine

Musings on the Metaverse

5 January 1970
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In RL I am a Middle School science teacher and technology coordinator, finishing my Master's degree in Educational Technology (if I ever take a long enough break from SL to finish writing my thesis). My undergrad degree was in Psychology with a minor in English. Yes I have a full RL - further details are for those who need to know.

In SL I have morphed through many different phases and roles since I joined in June of 2007. (how many of those days have I NOT been in-world? ummm....maybe four?) I am an official SL Mentor (so yes feel free to ask my questions and I will cheerfully try to answer them). I am the Estate Manager for the sim I "live" in - Belvedere. I have helped build two clubs and run one of them. I have had "relationships" and stayed friends when they've ended. I am currently exploring the world of femdom in SL - and having an absolute blast doing it - what amazing sense of "community" within the larger community of SL.

I can build and tweak scripts. I am a tech-geek in both worlds. (Yes I DO have four different SL viewers currently on my desktop tyvm!)

I am hopelessly, shamelessly addicted to both coffee and SL.

And no I'm not escaping RL...I am enhancing it with the unique opportunities for inter-personal connections (not to mention flying and teleporting!) found only in SL.

I've had (have) several blogs for my RL. This one is for Susannah...most likely musings on the unique situations found in and observations of Second Life. And a way for my SL friends to connect in another forum.